Monday, 14 April 2014

Fentons part of Slater & Gordon: Will I , Won’t I? - The Importance of Making a Will

I just wanted to share with you something very tragic that happened recently.

One of our clients, whose claim for personal injuries sustained in an accident a few years ago and which settled at the end of last year, has sadly died suddenly.

He had sustained a spinal cord injury many years previously and the recent injuries had only served to make life that bit more difficult for him. The monies recovered through the claim were to assist in improving his quality of life and cover the cost of the additional care and equipment he was going to need in the future.

Our client was divorced but still on amicable terms with his ex-wife who was still involved in his day to day care. He had a daughter who he had not seen for many years and with whom he had no relationship.

During and at the end of the claim, it was suggested to our client that he make a will so that his estate would pass in accordance with his wishes in the event of his death. Unfortunately this never happened and he died intestate.

As his next of kin, his daughter now stands to inherit everything, including his house and the damages recovered from his claim, something which our client would not have wanted.

The importance of making a will cannot be underestimated. For very little cost, it ensures that provision is made for loved ones and monies and assets pass in line with the wishes of the person who has died.

Why let the law make this decision for you? Make a will now – before it’s too late.

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