Monday, 23 February 2015

Molten Rock: Mud & empowerment

Mobility is a basic right; the freedom to move around an environment independently, to make your own decisions about where you’re going and how you will get there. For someone with a severe mobility impairment using a powered wheelchair can deliver that freedom in the day-to-day urban environment, but what about when the tarmac stops?

At Molten Rock we have been developing all terrain wheelchair solutions that meet a range of conditions; from riders with minor mobility issues through to those with more complex needs such as high-level quadriplegia.

There’s a big difference between mobility in a built-up area and mobility in the countryside or on the beach, in the mountains, or in the Forest or even just a local Park. Boma gives the rider the confidence to cross difficult surfaces and obstacles; instead of worrying about gravel, grass, curbs and mud simply drive straight and Boma will take care of it. Rider feedback is that using a Boma is freeing; an escape from the mobility limitations of powered wheelchairs.

A Boma looks exciting. A powered wheelchair can be negative to the user’s self-image, but a Boma is definitely a positive. It tends to generate envy amongst onlookers, even able-bodied and there aren’t many wheelchairs with that power.

Boma 7 can give everyone the opportunity to experience the freedom and exhilaration that comes from travelling independently through wild environments, regardless of mobility impairments. Chin control, switched head control, light operation joysticks, Micro joysticks and even attendant control for those who may need help due to fatigue or the constraints of their condition.

Boma control options are virtually limitless; if you can operate a powered wheelchair, you can operate a Boma.

Throughout 2015 we are evaluating the Now Technologies gyroscopic, fully proportional head control system which has the potential to make operating a powered wheelchair an almost intuitive process. The system uses a wireless head set with built-in sensors which drive/steer the Boma according to how the rider moves their head. One advantage is that because the headset moves with the rider, you can be sure to always have control; in comparison with systems fixed to the wheelchair, where the rider can move away from switches.

If you have a particular control requirement or concern, please contact us to talk it through.

Boma can also be equipped with a range of specialist seating options to provide additional support and pressure relief as required. The majority of aftermarket seating accessories manufactured for powered wheelchairs will clip into our seating frame. Such items include J3 contoured backrests, Ottobock armrest pads, head rests and seating harnesses.

Over the years we have supplied a number of seating solutions and would be happy to discuss your particular requirements; please drop us a line.

We believe Boma to be the most exciting, capable and accessible All Terrain Wheelchair available today.

If you would like any more information about Molten Rock or to read about our involvement with SIA please visit our Ruby Corporate Partner page here

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