Monday, 3 August 2015

Barlow Robbins: When Should You Speak To A Lawyer Following A Spinal Cord Injury?

Did you know you have a limited window to bring about a claim following an injury or negligent treatment? You may have delayed instructing a lawyer in the hope that you would make a full recovery in your own time, or didn’t want to place any blame for your injury, or you just found the whole process slightly daunting. In today’s blog we explain the importance of contacting us as early as possible after your injury.

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The Spinal Injury Journey: Barlow Robbins - SIA's Ruby Corporate Partner throughout August

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  1. After a disatorous episode that ruined my life Please if u have any idea something isnt right aftr a medical problem ie sci like myself that has now rendered me disabled for the rest of my life go immidiatly to a solicitor

    1. I didnt get any answer for over 3 years then its too late ... Convieniently from the nhs.!

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