Monday, 16 March 2015

Thompsons: Corisande Collins

We are privileged to act for Corisande Collins, a young lady who suffered a spinal fracture and complete paralysis of the lower limbs at the age of 20 in a workplace accident in August 2013.

At the time of her accident, Corisande had just completed her first year of a B.A. Degree in Special Educational Needs at Northampton University. Her ambition was to become a teacher. The accident happened when Corisande was working part time at a local store to help fund her course.

Corisande was at work when a roll cage fell on her back causing her devastating injuries. She was taken to the Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, where it became immediately clear that she had been severely injured.

Corisande admits that at the point she discovered she would never walk again, she was completely traumatised.

After a few weeks of treatment at the Walsgrave Hospital, she was transferred to the Spinal Injuries Unit in Sheffield for rehabilitation. There were obviously some very dark days and difficult times during this period, however thanks to her determination and with the help of a very supportive family, she was discharged on the 10 December 2013.

Thompsons has worked with Corisande since early September 2013. She is a remarkable young woman who, 18 months after being injured, has returned to her University course on a part time basis. She is also on the verge of moving into a property close to her family home, which thanks to an interim payment, will be fully adapted to meet her needs.

We secured the interim payment on her behalf, following an early application to the High Court and through negotiations with the Defendants. Interim payments can be difficult to obtain unless you have specialist expertise.

We collated detailed medical evidence to support a needs assessment and a report on the adaptations necessary for Corisande to regain her independence and the application for an interim payment was granted.

Making sure the clients we work with have access to properly adapted housing is one of the most important phases of rehabilitation and therefore one of the most important ways we can help as serious injury solicitors.

Once an injured person has a property specially adapted to their needs, the wider challenges of rehabilitation and learning to cope with a totally different lifestyle seem more achievable. We always try to get to this stage of the case as quickly as possible and obtain provisional reports at the earliest possible opportunity.

Corisande has coped with a complete change to her lifestyle at a young age with enormous bravery.  Her strength of character to overcome so many hurdles provides a beacon of hope to other people who may suffer similar injuries in the future.

She said: “After a very difficult 18 months I believe my life is beginning to get back on track. Although my injuries are permanent, they will not stop me from achieving all I want from life. I would not be in the position I am without the support of my friends, family and the professionals around me."

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