Friday, 13 March 2015

Thompsons: Interim Payments – Appointing a Case Manager

One of the first things that we at Thompsons Solicitors will consider with you is requesting an interim payment from the other side. If the other side do not agree to make the payment, we will make an application to the court.

An interim payment is an immediate payment of the compensation that you would receive at the end of your case. The reasons for applying for an interim payment for a variety of reasons, but it is often a lifeline of immediate support following the injury. An interim payment gets you funds for necessary treatment, rehabilitation adaptations to your property, aids and equipment and to replace lost income whilst your case is ongoing and will also fund the appointment of a Case Manager which the other side will pay for in addition to your compensation.

A Case Manager is a professional (often a nurse or occupational therapist) who coordinates the rehabilitation, care and support needed by you following a spinal cord injury. At Thompsons we have considerable expertise of appointing Case Managers with specialist expertise in spinal cord injuries.

Appointing a Case Manager is an important and personal step. We will work with you to appoint someone you have trust and confidence in and with whom you can develop a good working relationship. Thompsons may suggest that you meet more than one potential Case Manager before deciding who you would like to appoint.

Once an appointment has been made the Case Manager will visit you at the hospital, rehabilitation unit or your current accommodation.  They will talk to you about how your spinal cord injury will affect your level of independence, personal safety, family and social life, finances and vocational opportunities.  They will discuss with you your current treatment and identify any further potential treatment/therapies which might benefit you.

From there they will develop a plan of how they can assist and support you. They will consider your accommodation, therapy and treatment needs and liaise with the NHS and social services.  They will seek to work with those services but will, if needed, suggest options for private rehabilitation and support.  They will ensure that all those involved with you are working together as a team so that you rehabilitation and support is well coordinated.

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